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After a few days inactive due to be resolving personal issues, here I am again. (eba/)
Today I bring you a review a little as fast, as the name of the book already give spoiler to how fast and soon will be 20 reviews of the macabre "and they really are reviews.
I confess never having read nothing of the genre (horror, macabre), and I'm satisfied, nothing too scary for me I'm a fan of films of the genre. The book came to me in partnership with the author.

I read this book in a matter of minutes so short and easy to understand and also for its number of pages which are very few, so if you do not possess much time to read or looking for a quick read and super easy to recommend the book.
I don't have a lot to talk about in the book, reviews, I don't want to spend any spoiler about the events.
I can tell you that the tale was one in which a girl convinces your boyfriend to take you to a cemetery, even up, but between a kiss and a bolt from the blue leaves us completely flabbergasted. #SemSpoilers
Well, I hope you enjoyed this review, comment below what you think. Have you read? Read? What do you expect?


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