Book Review: Digital Fortress | Dan Brown O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

I would do this review in video, but the fact that I wasn't with my computer in hand, would not have where I edit it, but soon I might be serious. Be

fore reading Digital Fortress, I already knew the Dan Brown's writing, although Digital Fortress is his first book, I met him through the Da Vinci Code, and it was the same which aroused my desire for reading.

Book Review: Digital Fortress | Dan Brown O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Title: Digital Fortress

Author: Dan Brown

Publisher: Archer

Pages: 331 | ISBN: 9788580414059


Synopsis: before bursting all over the world with the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brownjá demonstrated a singular talent as a storyteller in his first book, Digital Fortress, released in 1998 in the United States. Many of the ingredients that, years later, would cause the author was recognized as a new master of action and books were already present in your debut novel: the quick narrative, the plot full of twists that keep the reader from the first to the last page and the fascination exercised by secret codes, encryption and mysterious puzzles. * BOOK GIVEN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE PUBLISHER 

Lately I've been a little slow in the beginning of the book got mixed up and reread the first chapters several times to understand. (lol!) E

arly on we came across a certain romance, at least appears to be, when Susan Fletcher was dreaming about her beloved David Becker, to be awakened by the sound of the phone ringing, the answer is on the line, she flirts with him and then he ever apologizes for not being able to comply with the plans that both had agreed to the weekend , David was already on the plane and said he needed to do something and that soon would return to go to the mountains. David had been contacted by the Top (head) of Susan for a mission in Spain, but for this mission should send a civilian (Becker).

* Susan Fletcher's senior criptógrafa NSA Cryptography Department.
* NSA is a secret agency of United States Government technology.
* David Backer has a master's degree in languages and at a University.

After the information above I think will facilitate a little more understanding of what I'm talking about. Well, continuing:
Passed a few moments after the call from David, Susan receives a new connection, but this time it was his Superior in Strathmore, cryptographic Department of the NSA (National Security Agency) asking him to go to the NSA Headquarters.
Book Review: Digital Fortress | Dan Brown O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
To get the NSA, Strathmore explained to Susan what was going on, it is a "computer program" with the encryption key unbreakable, because not even the TRANSLTR the supercomputer able to decipher the codes every 6 minutes, this getting to find the encryption key of the program. The program was a blackmail made by a former employee of the NSA, asking that Strathmore was the public and deliver the most powerful computer TRANSLTR , that decodificava all sorts of code and stored in your database files to lower the high level of security. The program created by Ensei Tankado (the former) had, according to him 2 keys that made him stop.

"Everything is possible, the impossible just takes longer."

Strathmore had sent Becker to Spain, to retrieve a ring, which the dera for a Tankado any in the square where he had a heart attack and die. The Mission of David there was, find that ring, it costs what it costs-if the key for the program was that ring. But the unusual was that Strathmore had sent David to a suicide mission, but that he had hired a hit man to kill whoever it was and get that ring, and in this case David was in great danger.
Book Review: Digital Fortress | Dan Brown O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
And it is from this point that the thing starts getting good, several facts happen, 2 unexplained deaths (or maybe not!), an overheating in the TRANSLTR, a blackout in the Department of encryption, a file that initially appeared to be a program was no longer a simple program, and to make matters worse the files contained in the databases of the NSA were under attack from Hackers. This is all coming out at once, what will happen? Will Susan and David would be again? Will the Government of the United States would be that cyberwar? 
Good, that you will only discover if you read Digital Fortress)
"You will reach the stars if your feet are hurting.
And when you get to where you want you better be looking good. "

Book Review: Digital Fortress | Dan Brown O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Anyway, not to take a lot of spoilers, I made this cliff notes of the middle to the end of the book with a romantic plot followed by thriller and technology that kept me from the beginning to the end of the book, making the "gobbling" more and more by the facts that let me more and more curious.

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