Book review: Lost on Mars-Andy Weir O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
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Book review: Lost on Mars-Andy Weir O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
Original title: THE MARTIANT
ítulo in Brazil: Lost in MarteAuto
r: Andy WeirPágin
as: 336 | ISBN: 9788580414486Preço:
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Synopsis: six days, astronaut Mark Watney became the seventeenth person to set foot on Mars. And, probably, will be the first to die on the red planet. After a strong sandstorm, the Ares 3 mission is aborted and the crew goes away, sure that Mark died in a terrible accident. The awakening, he finds himself completely alone, wounded and without having as warn on Earth who is alive. And, even if I could communicate, their supplies would be years before the arrival of a possible ransom. Still, Mark is not willing to give up. With nothing more than curiosity and its botanist and engineer skills and an unfailing sense of humor, he embarks on a stubborn struggle for survival. For this, will be the first man to plant potatoes on Mars and, using an ingenious mixture of calculations and duct tape, will draw up a plan to get in touch with Nasa and, who knows, make it out alive. With a strong real and modern scientific basis, Lost on Mars is a memorable and entertaining thriller, driven by a plot that stops surprising the reader.

Lost on Mars is narrated mainly in first person by astronaut Mark Watney, one of the crew of the Ares mission 3, sent to Mars to explore and search the surface of the Planet. On day 6 (the count of days on Mars is made through the Sun and with different time than on Earth) due to a strong storm the crew are forced to abort the mission. In the period in which the mission was being cancels, Mark suffers an accident and occasionally is left on the red planet by appearing to be dead.

The book is pretty detailed what can cause in a slower reading and a little boring, but still does not cease to surprise you with the facts.

After the storm, Mark wakes up and if that account was left behind, but also no one had blame, since the entire crew was in life-threatening were forced to leave the scene, and the crew was not being found by the rest of the team. But a

nyway, after the events, Watney had yet to come up with something so that I could survive until the arrival of Ares 4. For being solo and Mars be was designed which a "Workaround" to fertilize the soil and cultivate for planting potatoes. With

out communication, Mark can't contact the Hermes (ship in orbit and is responsible for the connection of the crew to the red planet, using a VDM-descent Vehicle to Mars), so the information that NASA and the inhabitants of the Earth had so far was that Mark Watney was dead. But all gone change with the Watney effort and a NASA employee responsible for monitoring the satelli

tes. The rescue of Mark can take a long time, since to go back and forth from the red planet (Mars) is need around 4 years, the astronaut needs to enjoy all his knowledge of Botany (for food) and engineering (for electronic repairs and creation of the same). A

s stated earlier, although detailed and a little tiring depending on the person that is reading, for example: I, took about weeks to get out of it, but although I took it all, the story does not lose its quality and involve you, it took me for lack of shame in the face even. (I think! haha

) In addition to being a first-person, is also a kind of diary, since the character sums up his days in, for example: "logbook: Sun 6", and so on. It is worth mentioning that the narratives are not just in first person, in the course of the chapters we encounter with third-person narratives, such as when NASA and its professionals are in contact with Watney, or with the population. Withou

t words to the end of the book I found sensational the outcome of the story, but of course I'm not going to tell you (if not funny not give Spoilers), are you curious to know if Mark managed to be rescued or something terrible occurred, I'm sorry to say, but reading the book will be indispensable. #LeiaValeAPena

Book review: Lost on Mars-Andy Weir O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
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Book review: Lost on Mars-Andy Weir O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

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