Book review: the Memories giver-Lois Lowry | Publisher Archer O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
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After a while without posting reviews here, I'm back! And today I'm going to talk about the book "the Memories giver" by Lois Lowry. First book of a dystopian series, with more than 11 million books sold worldwide, also already has its film adaptation.

Book review: the Memories giver-Lois Lowry | Publisher Archer O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
The cover and Synopsis via Skoob
Title: the donor of Memories
Original title: The Giver
ISBN: 9788580412994
Year: 2014/pages: 208
Publisher: Archer (+)
SYNOPSIS: In the donor of memories, the award-winning author Lois Lowry constructs a seemingly ideal world where there are no pain, inequality, war or any kind of conflict. On the other hand, there is also no , desire or joy.
  The inhabitants of a small community, pleased with the orderly, peaceful and stable that lead, know only the present the past and all the memories of the old world have been erased from the mind. 
  A single individual is tasked to be the keeper of these memories, with the goal of protecting the people of the suffering and, at the same time, have the wisdom necessary to guide the leaders of society in times of trouble. 
  At the age of 12 years, age in which every child is designated to the profession that will follow, Jonas receives the honor of becoming the next guardian. He is warned that need to go through a hard training, that will require courage, discipline and really hard, but you have no idea that their world will never be the same.
  Old Donor-driven, Jonas discovers little by little the extraordinary universe he had stolen. As a mist will dissipating, the awful behind that utopia begins to unfold.

As the main protagonist of the story, we have Jonas, a young man who lives in a community/city a little both quiet, where no one's own pain, intense feelings, love, problems, inequalities, there is no color and not conflicting situations between its inhabitants, all lead to orderly life that have with much dedication and each playing their social role in the best possible way.
Every year a ceremony is held for each completed 12 years inhabitants in that same year, be appointed to a profession in the community and forwarded to their respective training to be an adult in society after this period. His mother worked wi

th law, his father with at the center of Creation, where you take care of them until they are ready to be delivered to requesters (As there was love in the community, the inhabitants were allowed to feel sexual pleasures, for this there was a medicine that controlled it. So, in the same Ceremony of 12 girls were chosen to hold the post of "Mother", but not biological mother, who raises the child and passes it to someone else to take care of, that in this case the Elder were responsible for choosing who would be the parent

s of the child). During the ceremony, things happen and make Jonas worry, generating a certain mystery mixed with discomfort with what happened, but then discovers that was carefully chosen to receive a position of great honor in society, Jonas has just received the post of Receiver of Memories. What's your function? Basically he is responsible for receiving the Donor (Receiver) and of the inhabitants, all the memories have been erased from their society and events prior to the current season and before before, and so on. But it was also responsible for advising the residents when necessary. T

he Office granted the young man of 12 years was one of the most important of the community since the same was the only one who could have access to those memories and shouldn't share it with anyone else, the only one who knew the real meaning of feelings and all the other inhabitants out. His new position requires isolation and unexpected preparation. But gradually he get used to it with everything you got and it's co

ming. During the meetings of his training with an old, the only Receiver before Jonas, his current coach and Donor of Memories, and only from that community to know all the past of mankind, the kid goes on to realize the extent of his power and gradually understand that the nice memories are also the wors

t of them. Every meeting of Young Donor/Recipient relationship is narrowed, giving him the ability to question things and make amazing discoveries followed by some terrible and so leveling each other. Christmas Eve, snow, love, pain, hunger and Death, become part of your new reality. Away so increasingly from that world of mesmices that lived. Not sat

isfied when comparing your current memories to life in their community, Jonas finds himself in conflict with your next decisions, he must choose whether to be safely in the sameness of their community or will risk his own life in order to better understand their memories and even change the order and meaning of things in their current and peaceful society.

Despite my delay for posting the review and also to read it, the book is very small, with a few pages and the reading flows, to me was a little time consuming because I was stopping for readings and reading just in my spare time, but at the end I felt like: "what do you mean it's over?". But wait, if you're thinking that it's just a book be carefree, the giver of Memories is only the first book of a series "the giver" by Lois Lowry. The second book is Chosen, the photo above that I also received in partnership with Archer and soon I will review here. Through

out history we have many characters that appear with little relevance, as the other Receiver who failed the ten years before Jonas and Gabe that are of the utmost importance to give sense to the story. Parents and Lily her little sister, Fiona and Asher also are key to understanding the story.

The giver of Memories turned adaptation in 2014, if you have not watched the movie, the trailer is below:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the review, be back soon with more.

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