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Book Review – The Sad Nesting Doll O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

ISBN: 978-85-7913-257-5 year: 2015Número of pages: 48 Author: Patricia Gibin de Oliveira
Five equal Five dolls colorful dreams, Five different paths.
A single wish. Be happy!
Will they get it?
The nesting doll sad, tells the story of 5 Sisters (Mara, Meire, Mirna, Morga and Mullite) both nesting doll's living sad within themselves.
Book Review – The Sad Nesting Doll O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
One day, decided to put an end to this sadness, and then split one of the others to try to be happy, Mara was famous for its popcorn, Meire for your jokes, Mirna for your , Morga for their courage and meanwhile Mullite decided to join the circus. The only problem was that, even separated and doing something you enjoy the 4 Sisters of Mullite still sad, why? Nobody knows. Without understanding the reason for his sadness were meet the work of Mullite in the circus, mullite was famous for Taming lions, and was the only sister that he was happy with what he was doing. Dai on hear some things I can't quote and I'm going to let them find out the end of the story.
Well, today's review was this and I hope you enjoyed. Forgive me if I have given any spoiler, it's been ages since I read children's books, I may have missed something, but that's it.