And if the symbol of American power to take the U.S. nation into chaos?

The Eagle Book killer, the author Warley Torres tells a story worthy of film. If you're passionate about science fiction and a dose of mixed with chaos, this is the right book for you.

Eagle killer tells the story of Ygor, Hilary and Patrick together will face the much feared Eagle which threatens New York and also the entire population of the United States.

Ygor had combined with her mother to go to a on a mysterious island but forgot completely and only remembered when I got a call from her mother, wondering if it was ready. But when he was heading for the place that his mother expected found Hilary, the girl from high school for those who always out and was still in and also the sister of his best friend.

To his surprise she greeted him and also invited him to a party of eighteen years her. He thought hard before deciding whether to go with the mother on the tour or the Hilary but I couldn't miss the opportunity to go to the party and would have other chances to do another tour with his mother.

Ygor made his choice. Decided to go to the birthday party of his best friend's sister, who both swayed his heart, instead of going to the meeting with his mother who had planned for days.

Little did Ygor what fate reserved. It all started on the island where Diana Campbell and James Mason led a tour.  It was the right time for the Eagle start their attacks. After finishing his work on the island departed New York to continue the mission which has been given.

The party of 18 years of Hilary had everything to be the party of the year, until his aunt Hanna and her boyfriend drunk already appear at the door of the party and minutes after entering, they begin to fight. Before that was the reason he had spoiled the party well, the security and removed they went away.

Unfortunately the fate wouldn't be in favor of that couple drunk walking aimlessly down the Avenue. But this was no runaway car which were able to eliminate them and yes the Eagle. That freak of nature that nobody knew explain where viera but, because of their size they concluded not to be something normal.

From there, she departed the mansion of Stevens, where the party was taking place. Ygor and Hilary, who now had already revealed what they felt for each other, were the first to realize that something strange was going on. Everyone at the party if that big bird to see despair trying to enter the premises.

With much cost she got and get forgiven not anyone who was there. Ygor, Patrick and Hilary managed to escape for a little of the dreaded bird flew away aimlessly from there. Little did they know that the persecution was just starting, that wouldn't be the first time they were escaping death narrowly.

The delegate George Parkman after receiving a call from Nick that Hanna had a car accident, he left the rest aside and went in search of the little sister. To reach the place that Nick had spoken, had a great and sad surprise to see them. But little did I know that their sorrow would increase upon arriving at the of her other sister.

After losing nearly all of his family, the delegate Parkman won't measure efforts to discover who is behind so many brutal murders and will also in search of his nephews.

In addition to wanting to put an end to this Eagle that is threatening the nation's big question is: where and how?  Have someone created it or was it a freak of nature?

To know the answer to these questions you will have to get in on this great that is Eagle killer. And if you already know leave it in the comments how was your experience with her.