Today I will indicate two films to thrill and gladden your programming.

Speak the truth, you thought I was going to let slide the holidays and would not indicate any .

Well, get ready, because in the end-of-year schedule of you, I will indicate two films, that even two films.

A watch for you at Christmas and the other for the new year.

Let's meet the nominees for end of the year schedule.

For Christmas, I chose a film which is a darling man, and how many times I watch.

Do you know what? The Polar Express, this film is simply too beautiful, another tip guys, watch it at that time in which everyone is finishing supper, before starting the midnight mass.

Because by the time we finished the movie, you're already with the cherished heart to wish Merry Christmas with hope, believing in the magic of Christmas.

Let's get down to the details of this wonderful film.

A boy (Tom Hanks) ceases to believe in Santa Claus, and Christmas Eve is awake hoping something magical happens, so that their belief in Santa Claus.

Behold, a roaring noise outside your window, make up and out to meet with a huge black train, the Polar Express.

The Polar Express is heading to the North Pole, of course, and he is asked by the driver of the train (Tom Hanks) to embark on this adventure.

A splendid film, has great songs, breath-taking adventures and much, much more magic, enchantment and emotion.

The movie can be watched in HD, which leaves the best images and much more visible.

I'm sure you will enjoy.



And now to finish their schedule, indicated is new year's Eve.

A movie that counts several parallel stories and with a cast of weight, only got famous in this movie.

You know that movie that you watch with the simple intention of having fun, so this film has it.

Has some flaws, loses a bit of focus in a few moments, I will confess, but does not lose rhythm, isn't it tiring and it is very fun.

The film, as I've already said, several account parallel stories, but stories of new year.

Attention to the songs of this movie, the cast has acted and singers have a Duet that happens between Lea Michele and Jon Bon Jovi.

Well, the film fits the mood of new year's Eve and you just want to spend time and have fun, this is the choice.



I wonder now, what are the films that you would indicate to the end-of-year programming?

Let them here in the comments.

Good I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, lots of in the family.

I also want to wish you a happy new year full of hope, objectives and goals for this next year.

Until the next post.