Aqui no blog a gente já postou diversas playlists maneiras, na grande maioria tem uma pegada pop e , mas tem também aquelas pra quem curte uns nacionais e outras pra quem curte indie, ah e sem contar que também já listamos alguns cantores e bandas LGBT’s que todo mundo devia conhecer.

Mas hoje a parada é músicas eletrônicas, mas com uma pegada um pouco mais suave e que da pra curtir de boas também.

Todas as citadas aqui se encontram nas playlists do blog lá no Spotify, então quem quiser é só seguir a gente por lá (yáhh).

Are You with Me – Lost Frequencies

“I wanna dance by water ‘neath the Mexican sky / Drink some Margaritas by a string of blue lights / Listen to the Mariachi play at midnight / Are you with me, are you with me?”

One Step At A Time – Bearson

“What happened to standing up for / Something we believed in / I had my doubts, but you were so sure / Your convincing was deceiving / You had some game, had some good talk / But you couldn’t back it up, no / Now you say you’ve got a heavy heart / Do you even know the meaning?”

I’m in Love with the Coco – Hitimpulse

“I’m in with the coco / I got it for the low, low / Hit my plug, that’s my cholo / Cause he got it for the low, low / If you snitchin’ I go loco / Hit you with that treinta ocho / Niggas thinkin’ that I’m solo / 50 deep, they’re like, “oh, no” / Heard the feds takin’ photos / I know nothin’, fuck the popo.”

Kings of Summer – ayokay

“Jumpin’ off the porch like mom’s not (not home) / Tell me why the best things feel so wrong (so wrong) / Summer nights / Love ’em how they take so long (so long) / Run with the feeling / Of being alive while we’re still young / Jumpin’ off the porch like mom’s not home (not home) / Just a couple kids livin’ on our own (on our own)”

Lose Myself – K?d feat. Phil Good

I remember when we used to be so close / Skipping summer school to watch the shadows grow / Red curse left on the counter / Cops came we ran right after”

Magic City – Wahlsedt

Cruise – Kygo

“Sunset rolling, summer stolen / We’ll never be so young / Checking wishes, shock on kisses / Tripping off my tongue / See I’m giving up the fire / They said it was too late for us / But we are coming back to life / A little every time we touch / I wanna run away tonight / I feel like I’m in love with you / Tomorrow we can face the lie / Right now, let’s just”

Only One – Sigala

“Flashing light, won’t let me go / Your ultralight beam staring at my soul / Your , my shooting star / A supernova aiming straight for my heart.”

Stranger – Peking Duk

“Walking home on a silent street / I just met you and you’re good company / So comfort me / In the silent street, in the distance line…”

Photographs – Zeeba

“You can stay here for tonight / It’s too late to say goodbye / Just let me hold you tight / Cause it’s so cold outside”

E por aqui vou terminando minha playlist da vez

Aproveitando o embalo, Lollapalooza já tá ai e Eletric Zoo está chegando, alguém vai em um dos eventos? Deixa ai nos comentários!