Last Thursday, day 13, rolled in press conference I get Loko, a teen very humorous, based on the first book of the autobiography that was Christian Figueiredo, Youtuber 22 years.


I Get Loko | Press Conference O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

In a conversation with the presence of the actors, Christian and the Director of the film, the actors told a bit as was the preparation for the characters.
"I am very happy with the result, it's been an incredible experience, since the tests, when I auditioned I thought you weren't going to pass, as they said I was too mature for the role, but they called me again and I accidentally met the entire cast, so I found out that I passed," says Philip, who lived for 15 years in Christian film adaptation.
Philip said that was more than a month of preparation for the character, with much study, voice lessons and posture, and said the teenager who also don't cut your hair since April and had to lose weight 4 kilos.
Also present were Isabella Moreira, who plays Alice, the romantic pair of Chris, José Victor, Ian, her best friend, and Giovanna Grigio, Gabriela, a super strong and relaxed character.

I Get Loko | Press Conference O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

"We hold onto so much during filming. Have been months of hard work and we were practically living together, so we ended up becoming very close friends, and who watches the movie you can see that very clearly "Told the cast.
I Get Loko | Press Conference O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

"The strength of the today is very evident, and is getting stronger because anonymous with a camera in my hand do viral reach milhões people and often without any structure, just with creativity. So, not just , but the internet has brought autonomy to people with one idea in mind, creativity, spontaneity and power. "  Christian said, when asked about the Youtube and their representativeness. "In this next year you will see many people on the internet doing various things out of it," he added.

I Get Loko | Press Conference O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
"We were developing a young film, the book of Christian stopped in my hand, and I loved the book, which looks a lot like confessions of a teenager, Maria Mariana, however, in the present day" Featured Bruno Uchoa, Director of the feature film.

The actors and the entire direction are very excited for the film and to know what will be their repercussions, which debuts January 12 day in theaters.