In recent weeks, I've been asking for my social networks, a little about colleges/universities, what plan to do? What you already do?

What is the greatest difficulty when it comes to: I want to go to College?

I had numerous replies on the matter and at the invitation of Want education, came to talk a little about it here.

High school is over, the Enem has passed, but you failed to Note for your desired course, and begins that despair, "finished high school and I need to get into University as soon as possible, and now? What do I do? ", the country is in economic crisis and higher education schools has its very high fees in the vast majority of the time.

As an option to enter a College/University, students who do not have conditions in the large majority of the time opt to take the vestibular or scholarship contest famous, where they may get a partial scholarship or up to 100% of your course.

But what few people know is that in Brazil, we have another resource that can provide us with up to 75% of the scholarship, in over 800 higher education schools, scattered throughout the country, and the best thing is that you don't pay almost nothing for it.


The resource in question is I want to Bag (, a College comparison site where you can find information about courses, institutions, compare prices and still get scholarships to more than 800 partner colleges. The site is administered by Want Education, startup specializing in educational marketing, offering solutions for universities to maximize their results and students find the best options.

The service already benefiting thousands of students, who can subscribe and do the online pré-matricula to secure discounts of up to 75% by the end of the course. Already the partner institutions disseminating vacancies on the site and still rely on the whole experience of Want Education to optimize their strategy of attracting students, occupying their idle vacancies and increasing the profitability of your .

Since the Foundation, the want to Bag more than 100000 enrolled students and offers on your deck more than 10,000 top courses in all areas of knowledge, both in person as from a distance, in all regions of the country.

Want college scholarship, and Now? O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Have you decided what you want to attend, but don't want to pay absurd values in tuition?

Just take a look in the want to bag and find the perfect tuition for your pocket.

Want college scholarship, and Now? O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL