Behind the beautiful appearance, always revealing secrets.

The perfect girl tells the story of Mia Dennett, who after taking another cake from her boyfriend decides to give a chance to a stranger, who takes her to his apartment. But things turn out different than expected seeing Mia and she discovers that the man is Colin Thatcher and he was sent at the request of Delmar to kidnap her but instead of Colin to Delmar he takes her to a cabin in Minnesota. While the two are hiding from the police and Delmar in the cabin, the detective Gabe Hoffman promises Eve, mother of Mia I will find her. But when he finds her, she can't remember anything and is in total shock.

Despite being daughter of the famous Judge James Dennett, Mia chooses to live a different life from which his father planned for her. Unlike his sister who followed in his father's Law career, she chose to be an art teacher in a middle . Their realize that she is missing, after receiving a call from one of the co-workers of his daughter, saying that Mia doesn't up for work and not sent anyone in his place. She also won't take calls and nobody knows their whereabouts.

Eve gets desperate with the disappearance of her daughter, while James says just be more of the fun with Mia. Detective Gabe Hoffman is committed to find her and didn't measure efforts to that.

While the newspapers announce the face of Mia and her disappearance by all sides, she and Colin spend their time at the cabin, trying not to freeze with the arrival of winter and not starve. But the most unexpected happens and the story completely changes its course.

When the detective Gabe Hoffman met Mia, she was completely in shock and could not remember anything that had happened, and who had kidnapped. Then again he strives to find out the responsible for the kidnapping of the girl.

Around that time, it all happens too fast, the detective discovers that her feelings for Eve is not simply compassion and that no family is perfect even if superficially it seems.

In addition to all the events with Mia, secrets about her father will be revealed and may completely change your professional career.

The perfect girl is a book that will show you another side of the , and that is not always what is planned comes off as expected. Full of and mystery the reader becomes involved with the plot. The surprise ending even more, as well as the events in the course of the story.

Have you ever read "the perfect girl"? If so, tell us what you think and what your favorite part of the story. If you want to also tell me what you would change it if I could.

As I am fascinated with suspense I loved the story and how it will, it is possible to know the personality of the characters to form clear. What bothered me a little at first reading was the way the chapters are divided by mixing the events of before they found Mia and after they found.

Due to this Division, pay attention on the title of the chapter is essential to understand correctly the story.

Narrated by Eve, the mother of Mia, Colin, his kidnapper and the detective on the case, Gabe Hoffman, the perfect girl is the ideal book for those who are in love by suspense, detective novel and surprising twists.

The book behind the epilogue, which shows that the story will be continued, and in it we can see the point of view of Mia and understand with greater clarity, what happened the night she was kidnapped.