As many of you know, I read a little bit of everything, but I've been a fan of stories there (but I loved, Sad End To Miserable Starts), so I'm well outside the universe of Alice in Wonderland, the only thing I know is the basics, "A little girl called Alice, follows a rabbit, falls into a hole, take a potion, is small and the Wonderland.". The Fact that me wanting to read Queen of hearts was not so much their Synopsis and even his Cape, but your quote on the cover (laughs!), "the story of a princess who became a Villain". And it made me super curious, and I've thought, "man, I need to read this book." And I confess that I regretted it, I ended up surprising me.

Queen of hearts is a fantasy written by and is the first book in a series called Queen Of Hearts, inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", whose other books will be published in by the Universe of the books.

In this first book, we came across the story of Dinah, daughter of the King of hearts and Princess of Wonderland. His father, the King, was a drunk guy who simply hated her for no reason. His mother died there was a time, and Dinah was created virtually by the employees of the Castle.

One day, the King met the entire Kingdom to make a confession without mince words (laughs!) he is said to have betrayed his dead wife, when it was still alive, and to make matters worse the mood of Dinah, even confessed to having another daughter, Vittiore. And guess who's the favorite?

Yes, it's to figure out who would be, since a was hated by his father, no more no less.

Some years have passed and Dinah strung together some answers to the previous events, answers to to your head a little so . After a troubled night, full of heavy dreams during his sleep, behold, Dinah gets her feast in the morning.

So begins another mystery, Dinah is faced with the following word: "EAT ME" written on its red fruits, bread and as if it wasn't enough that word a bit so much, her, next to the sinister dish with the bread, there was a glass jar with the following sentence: "Faina Baker, the Black Towers".

But then you must be wondering, Gabriel, but what is the mystery of it?

And the answer to that question is very simple, my (a) dear friend, Black Towers is the most dangerous place in the Wonderland, that's where living criminals/most dangerous prisoners in the country. And there begins the mystery. Who is Faina Baker? Is this a joke? Or a warning?

After a few days, Dinah, as a headstrong and curious girl (as far as I can tell), is totally hung up with such recent events and decides to venture out with her best friend/boyfriend Wardley in search of answers to what's been going on, and from then on, the two set off for a big in search of such clarification. And after all, who is Faina Baker?

Well, I'm stopping by here, but I advance that, Queen of hearts, you will live a great adventure alongside Dinah and Wardley, as also shall dwell with the Mad Hatter.

I enjoyed this book I want 2 soon, that issue was beautiful, since the cover, diagramming and ultimately, all the work of the Publisher, and I don't recall finding spelling mistakes while reading.

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you've read comments there?
If you haven't read it, comment what do you expect?