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! Today I bring you the review of a book a bit philosophical and returned to the area of the economy, but, regardless of their area of expertise would be interesting that you read the content that is discussed. Well, no more or less, let's talk about "Daydreams about the actuality of Capital" of Clovis de Barros Filho, authors and, Gustavo Fernandes Dainezi, and published by Sanskrito seal/Citadel.

Review: Daydreams About the actuality of the Capital O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Original title: Daydreams about the actuality of Capital
Autor: Clovis b. Son, Gustavo F, DaineziEd
itora: SanskritoPág
inas: 125Com
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given in partnership with the Publisher.

s: the book ' Daydreams about the actuality of Capital ' is a compilation-revised and updated-a series of lectures of Clovis de Barros Filho-Author of the Best Sellers ' the worth living ' and ' the philosophy explains the big questions of mankind '-on the thought of Karl Marx
in this work, the teacher Clovis de Barros Filho and his colleague Gustavo Dainezi explain and reflect about the famous Marxist works
the very affordable language Capital.Com , and close to orality, the authors sought to make the reader feel inside the classroom. During its eight chapters, the book goes through the essence of Marx's thought in the Capital and reflects on their timeliness, pondering how the media, religion, education, language and the State. A pleasant and enriching reading, recommended to any reader who wishes to meet a single point of view on the world, the unique way that only the seal of Clovis de Barros Filho is able to deliver.

Before we begin, I ask you: "do you know who is, or who was Karl Marx?" Well, for t
hose who don't know Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German philosopher and revolutionary, which established the foundations of communist doctrine to criticize capitalism. And his philosophy had a certain influence in several areas of knowledge, among these are: Sociology, politics, law, theology, philosophy, economics, among other

s. Now that we know who was Karl Marx can give a certain depth in the subject talking about the book about the actuality of Capital Daydreams, whose reading has a certain "obligation" to the present day, helping us better understand through the materialism of Karl Marx's the world we live in. In a way, the authors make that have a different view about the world we live in, causing change partially or in some cases even partly the way of thinking about life. Duri

ng the reading, faced with explanations, for example: as the infrastructure defines our way of life and the way education and media. But before starting the necessary explanations is commented on the difference in current and studies by means of historica

l materialism. In a way, the authors we can understand that the and the media these days may not be vehicles of truth and much less so as democratic many think.

All due clarification provided by the authors are easily understood and understanding. According to the authors themselves the aim of the book is not the bulk of Karl Marx, but rather, readers how to understand the real world in which we live, by some theories of Karl.

Review: Daydreams About the actuality of the Capital O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
Very Good, short
and easy to understand

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