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Review: I've Been Here-Gayle Forman | Publisher Archer O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Title: I was AquiAut
ora: Gayle FormanEd
itora: ArqueiroP
áginas: 240 | ISBN: 9788580414233
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Synopsis: When her best friend, Meg, takes a bottle of poison alone in a motel room, Cody is shocked and devastated. She and Meg shared everything … How could I not have seen it as not noticed no sign? At the request of
the of Meg, Cody travels to Tacoma, where her friend was doing College, to gather their belongings. There, discovers many things that Meg had not told him. Know your roommates, the kind of person that Cody would never have bogged down in your little town at the end of the world. And meets Ben McCallister, mocking guitarist who became involved with Meg and has his own secrets. However,
his greatest discovery occurs when it receives from the parents of Meg's best friend's notebook. Searching your computer, Cody stumbles with an encrypted file, impossible to open. Until a fellow nerd can unlock it. and suddenly everything she thought she knew about the death of Meg is put in doubt. 

"What would be your reaction to know that his (the) best friend committed suicide?"

"I've been here," Gayle Forman leads us to a fact that makes us reflect what a friend is able to do for your "Best Friend".
Meg and Cody were best friends since childhood and almost sisters for what to understand, but fate the distanced in time, Meg went to study in Tacoma Washington while Cody was in his small town working on their cleaning, making a little touch of both.
Something drastic occurs with Meg, and the more unusual is that she had planned everything, programmed the emails would be sent to friends and family at the time would occur what he was to do, left a tip for the maid at the Motel in which would be "suicide" and some information to the in Tacoma.

I regret to inform you that I had to put an end to my own . I'm putting off this decision a long time ago, and she is mine and no one else's. I know it will cause suffering, and I'm sorry it's so, but know that I had to end my pain. It has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with me. It's not your fault.-MEG

Review: I've Been Here-Gayle Forman | Publisher Archer O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
Cody was not believing what had happened, until you have an obligation to go to Tacoma get Meg's belongings in the Republic in which she lived, and it is from there that the story begins to unfold and take a certain mystery full of "whys".
In the Republic, Cody knows a staff to which begins to socialize in order to learn more about how was the whereabouts of Meg in Tacoma, you know Ben McCallister "womanizer" guitarist of a local band, discovered that McCallister had a certain romance with your BFF. In order to try to find out the reason caused that Meg is committed suicide, Cody has just that, knowing Harry, which in turn is considered a "Hacker" (you could say) and is of great help to the end o

f the mystery. Upon returning to his small town, Meg's parents donated his Notbook Cody, who was with a few Meg files, some were in the Recycle Bin and the same were encrypted, and that's where Harry goes, it helps Cody to decrypt the files to find out what are these files.

These files were part of Meg to suicide, such as how to get that poison that nobody knew what it was, but also discovered by chance through research such a group of suicides in online forum and that's where Meg took such courage to make the tragic event come true. A man in this group, we can say that he users to perform those things that had no courage, through philosophical words of great thinkers, Cody pretends to pass for those who want to put an end to his life and begins to have a chat with this guy and with the help of Harry tries to track him down and follows in a "crazy" journey with Ben.
I'm stopping here, because I've said too much, I tried to be a little direct and detailed, perhaps I will do a video review about the book over at the blog channel talking a bit more about this novel that not detailed here. But from my point of view the book proposal was to bring to the a story that make us reflect, "to what extent does I would be to do something for my best friend even after his death?".
Review: I've Been Here-Gayle Forman | Publisher Archer O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
This was the first book I read of Gayle Forman, and I have no complaints, I liked the writing style, the plot is great for me, because the passage of time that I was going to read, more engaged with the book I seemed to be, and I hope to read more books by author soon.

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