Review: Paradise City | Spring Editorial O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

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While the mainstream media the protagonists from the periphery are the trafficking and violence, in "Paradise City-there is in the largest slum of Sao Paulo" are anonymous residents the soul of everyday life, those who weave their stories between the alleys and the lives. In this book, are the small lanes the common scenario to housewives and microentrepreneurs, the architect of PET bottle, and the man that turns junk into art, the community radio announcer and artists divided between art and telemarketing, as well as many other characters found in Paraisópolis not only an address in common but, above all, the paradise of every one of them.

Have you ever thought about a book in which you stop to think about the country we live in (Brazil
)? Yes, in the town of paradise, we stopped and refined in our ideologies, prejudices and power relations.

In the town of paradise, we have a kind of documentary told by Vagner and Bruna (both authors of the work), where they depict what life is like in one of the largest slums of , Paraisópolis, located in noble area of the city of . Common sense Associates this and other slums to . But the authors tell in this work, a different way of seeing life in place and showing us that in addition to the crime (which does not exist only in slums) there also exists a population happy, smiling and full of creativity.

Review: Paradise City | Spring Editorial O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

 Every page that folheamos, we presented the particularities of this community: hairdressers with American names, which splits the stream Antonico slum in half bringing uncertainty and risks of flooding, the poet of the slum and even the architect of PET bottles and the man turns Junk into Arte.Ao throughout the book

have several colorful characters, like Jair , the gas man, that makes us reflect on how migrants of all Brazil in big cities, are the heavy labor, and that through these men and women the cities grow more and more each day, but in general the local population does not treat these people like they should be treated, and they act with total disdain and prejudice (whether it be because of the culture , manner of speaking, color). It's like I always say, I am Brazilian, but in good, most Brazilians always hunting something to criticize others. 

Review: Paradise City | Spring Editorial O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
The inhabitants who live in alleys don't have access to the post office, making the way to confirm his location in time to open a bank account or even a job. As in the case of the 25-year-old Anderson, who came from Bahia to try life in SP, it was necessary that he wanted the Union to residents who got a proof of residence and check their location.
Also we came across the story of Vanessa Bruno, the geniuses of Paraisópolis, who won all their diversity, and with your intelligence, are changing the of where they live.
Review: Paradise City | Spring Editorial O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

"When the rain advances, Ana Iris sees the force of the water drag his few furniture and appliances purchased from the income as manicure and pedicure. However, see, above all, their dreams more suits be loaded by flooding " 

The reasons I nominate this book goes far beyond what I quoted above, and to find out what are these reasons I recommend that you read it and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's always nice to read more books of the genre and not be stuck only in fiction, sometimes we need to read things that depict the reality in a different way, not as it is spoken in the papers, but yes, spoken by those who live this reality.
Without a doubt, Paradise City makes refined not only about Brazil, but also the way we live, our inequality/equality, our prejudices. The Editorial whim in the Spring book, is full of pictures/photos of slums, all in black and white, the leaves seem to be from recycled paper, and that's good, #PreserveOMeioAmbiente. The layout was too great.
Review: Paradise City | Spring Editorial O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL
In addition to favorite, super recommend!

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