o, today I'm here to talk a little bit about the book "the guardian" of Antonio Parada I received in partnership with Wheezing. The story itself, I quite liked, although he had a little difficulty in reading because I'm not used to reading books with the Portuguese language-Portugal, because it changes a lot. But anyway here I am bringing them one more review. Well, let's give continue.

Review: The Guardian O Gabriel Lucas - #OGLInfo: ti
tle: the guardia
n (+) aonio Par
ada Publisher: Chiad
o Genre: science fiction P
ages: 444 pages ISBN: 9

3, 5stars

s: A Machiavellian and domineering race of aliens, scrupulously intelligence and unparalleled ability to natural metamorphosis in order to adapt to new environments on other planets, eventually resulting in the land, fleeing from the entities. These last beings, also known as Great engineers, are ancestors and contemporaries of the creation of the universe and take advantage of their seniority and experience to promote, protect and create new worlds destroyed in violence, averse to expansion and development of new forms of intelligent .
However, the demonic creatures refuge in Portugal, where it quickly and covertly manage to create the conditions to perpetuate as dominant species and initiate to its macabre rituals and hunts.
When your project was about to become irreversible and unstoppable, end up crossing paths with Henry, Inspector of the judicial police, which inexplicably becomes plagued by nightmares and visions that portray so dantesc some imminent homicide.

Henry is an officer of the judicial police (PJ) of Lisbon, inexplicable way been having nightmares involving deaths and a strange seen before, with a little bluish appearance. Henry come in for these types of nightmares often and whenever I wake up with headaches (migraine) and time with appearance of rain of the previous nights equal to their nig
htmares. Past few days, Henry realizes that no longer having those nightmares strangers, but to see the latest newspapers in town, discovers that the events reported in newspapers may have some involvement with the events in his nightmares, which found strange, is that Henry had Premonitions? Henry
starts to get concerned to know what's going on with him, because he's having these dreams?; Because he works at PJ and have a very close friend who works on civilian police, decides to ask a friend to understand more about the events and calls them the documents and files on the investigation, Henry is amazed with the reports of the investigation because it occurred at the same time, day had the nightmares. Reports of neighbors where there were the events said to be dogs, but dogs would be able to drill into the chest of the person and RIP their hearts? and Henry, what he has to do with all these events? I won't be able
to talk and here I will leaving them curious to know what will be the outcome of this story. Well, that'
s it for today, and until the next review.