Remember the flowers I have seen and that be that took advantage of the moments of detachment to keep us from getting more than we were? What he wanted didn't become real, fortunately, our friendship is much more than a stupid prank.

The year is up and the number of meetings that we had dropped dramatically, fight, reaproximamos us and we became increasingly close and close by the second. With the time we spent together, I woke up and came from a phrase in my head and so saying "we grew up together and in everything can be, we're walking and there was so much to learn"-Violetta series , growing up, life is full of stumbles, stumbled together and lift each other, this makes our friendship stronger.

The flowers we will be much better than the ones we've seen, become the most special moments, take more smiles from you, I will make you be more happy. I want a sincere friendship, a warm hug, a ' I you ' real and a kiss to make me dream of you at night. That is called by the name that raises the pleasure of happiness, the desire to be loved becomes a real moment and the touch that gives on my face makes you realize that everything is real and that we are living the moment happy and full of love.

The world is full of evil, why not compose the goodness to grow and spread by our space? We will be happy to our way without giving importance to what others think, let's jump, shout, smile, sing, hug, cry, roll, we accomplish all that we planned and the rest of his life will us. When you're with the person we love, every problem becomes a simple case, all defects disappear and only see the good sides to not spoil the happiness we are living.

Let's run away, far away from here where there are who prevent our love. The world is not where you are, and where we live. We create our world of happiness, equality and where love will dominate everything and everyone. And all of this will only be possible through a question, let's run and figure out the flowers we see?