Things I learned in time

I know that even if you are "new" to some, I've lived long enough to learn several things up here, I have 19 years, entering the House of 20 now (may is already there) and talking to the More I simply stayed in order to share with you some things I've learned over the years, more precisely in these little more than 2 years working with the blog. Are things that you really learn with each passing day, I like to say I started to live even after I started writing here, and feel more alive in this new year.

You need to open up to the world

Allow yourself to be yourself. I took the time to really accept me, you know?! I found myself when I was a kid, but I assumed my sexuality to 18 (You can check here), I still felt really trapped against the opinions of others. This due to the fact of criticising the way I was exposing social networks, never got to be threatened directly, but were critical of family, and it ended up making me choked (literally speaking) and scared to do things. The end of 2016 was the time that I reflected on what I was doing with my , what I really wanted and things like that, the year ended and my thoughts have changed.

I decided to be myself, make all my fears and the fears that they were trying to put on me, aside, I decided to allow new things, new experiences, and this is one of the main reasons that 2017 started perfect for me, I'm letting myself, without the interference of the opinions of others.

You will notice that over time you will get tired of the sameness of his following and want to change, and the first step to make that happen is be yourself, be free, if possible, just, allow yourself.

Be yourself, be different from the others

From the time you allow yourself, you will automatically become a different person. And come to think of it, being different is cool, and doesn't get on sameness of always, you know?!

There's no better feeling than being different, just don't be different arrogant, proud and uneducated. Is that different legal, friend and good vibes. You will notice over time that you're going to creating unique things, what you will make someone with unique features that may appeal to many.

Face your fears

Cast the first stone if you're untouchable when it comes to fears.

Everyone is afraid of something, some insecurity. I still have some fears (that want to win soon), but I think the first step to not having fear is to face it, that that wording "you have to hit".

I was quite shy, I was afraid to talk to , embarrassed to walk down the street alone, I suffered my entire childhood and adolescence, withdrew to the world and decided to change that a little over 2 years ago. My first step was to create the blog, which has been helping me a lot to overcome that fear of people. The second step was to create the channel, which helps me more and more every day. Finally, the third step was to talk more with people and making new friends. I'm still shy. Yes, very little, but I can say I had an enormous advance in that my commute trying to overcome my fear.

Don't shake with ups and downs

I've spent my whole life passing by autos and Dutch suffered Bullying at home, at school and on the street, by the way I am, walk, talk and others. Have I contemplated suicide, tried to self mutilate, but to better reflect on it I saw that it's not worth me taking my own life for others ' problems. You might not even know, but most of the time, who puts you down there emotionally, he's probably going through a situation worse than ours (a victim) and to play that feeling off, ends up hurting without analyzing the seriousness of what is being said.

Do something new every day

Our day to day can be a very tedious if we stay always in sameness, so, whenever possible do something new, something different. Try the new, venture, confront fears, dreams, practice a sport. As well as this do good for your self esteem will improve your day, your health, your mood and your inner self.

Over the years, we have learned several things, we went through many other, change, evolve, and in the end, what went wrong and what learning turned worked was innovated.

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Things I learned in time


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