Based on a Literary best-seller of Gayle Forman, the film if I get is pure sensitivity, a drama with multiple stories.

Love of family, friendship and love, you know? One that warms the heart and causes chills in the belly.

So if you liked the movie's fault, I invite you to watch If I stay, Yes, the two films have strong similarities.

The main couple film formed by Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Adam (Jamie Blackley), they're not pure charisma, what can we do to spare the parents of the protagonist.

Mia is an introspective adolescent, fond of , or how we can say a prodigious musician and believe it or not, classical music. Adam is a rock star, singing in a band in accession and is one of the most desirable boys school, falls in love with Mia since the first time I see playing.

MIA accepts a date with Adam even with many fears, many doubts and so is always defensive waiting for Adam to make a mistake and let you down.

It is contrary to all perspectives, because she is the daughter of rockers too, well actually ex-roqueiros, his parents decided to leave the crazy of rock, the music and the band back, to dedicate themselves only to children and the family.

But I no longer like rock and still retains a Woodstock footprint, if you know what I mean.

And when you get the first Glance of the long, is so painful to accept that his family, which we already feel part, is between life and death, due to a terrible accident.

After the serious accident the story unfolds through flashbacks, through each visit, doubt arises for Mia, is in a coma, a one of the most important stories of the past, is revived in his memory.

And it is these stories that make us meet the girl dedicated to the cello, extremely shy, who falls in love with singer and guitarist older and popular at school.

It's exciting to follow the Mia fight for life, which shall circulate the halls of the hospital, in doubt whether it is worth living after the accident.

I want to talk to the nurse, people, now and then, she whispers catchphrases in the heard of the girl unconscious and these scenes convey a strength, like, you know when people say "the word has power", so these scenes are exactly that.

The nurse says phrases of the type that only she can decide whether to stay or go, and fitted like a glove, within the context of film.

To revive along with Mia, we noticed how much she was always loved, full of friends and family.

And oddly enough, she realizes, she was so introspective and shy that I lived in a world of her own, focused on his music, on your instrument.

And are these flashbacks that eventually make sense of your time on Earth, I say pass not because I'm giving the spolier end you have to watch to find out.

But for those who've read the book, you know what happens at the end, and the trailer also makes a good tip. So let's watch for the film is beautiful.

For me it is not just a teenage romance, but of which we see life perspective. Despite being a for crying, yes he is appealing and full of clichés. I loved the way the story was told.

Because it is impossible not to fall in love with relationships that happen.

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Well that's it for today folks.

A good movie at all.

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