How many times have you done something out of fear?

Fear is a feeling that often gives us the feeling of being trapped by invisible chains. Let your fear is greater than your will can keep you from accomplishing amazing things.

He is present in every moment of our , when we're kids until our adulthood. When we are we are afraid of the dark, of the monsters of stories, the famous bogeyman, to catch the mother or father after having done something wrong.

Then we grew up and reached adolescence and fears are other: go bad in a test, take a red, have no friends and among so many other things that can give us fear as the first kiss, first but, we won't be eternal adolescents and youth.

Many believe that being young is the best thing in the world, but it's not. After high school all fears increase, and along comes the pressure to become an independent adult. Pass the entrance exam, go to College, get a job, living alone and having no more who do things for you.

All these fears can become not only stones, but huge rocks along the way. Cast the first stone who never was afraid of something. In fact, many of our fears are due to past experiences that were unpleasant.

There are those who are afraid of making new friends and be wrong again, those who are afraid to turn himself in and once again not be matched, also has those who are afraid of not being able to get into College of dreams or those who simply are afraid of not being able to make the most of life.

There are so many fears that it's hard to find a person in the world that does not have at least one of them or you've ever had. But until when are you going to let that fear keep you from being happy?

There's a phrase that says:

To try something and fail is at least learn. Not making the attempt is to suffer the invaluable loss of what could have been. -Geraldo Eustace

How many times your afraid to stop him from doing things that could forever change your life? How many times have you failed to say how he felt about being afraid of the answer on the other? How many times have you failed to do something he wanted/would like for fear of not getting or someone said you couldn't?

To break free of these chains, cover your ears, don't be afraid of the consequences, take a chance, go after what you want, stop fearing live!

Your fear imprisons you? O Gabriel Lucas - #OGL

Life is more than a snow globe where you are protected at all times, the world is huge and has room for all of us but time is our enemy, as well as the fear that is holding you back now.

Until when are you going to stand there waiting for the world to come to you? You should go after him, don't waste precious time with futile thing. ALIVE! Life is to live, live intensely every minute.

Go out with your friends, your boyfriend, you with your family or make a barbecue this weekend, go to a movie or sit on the sidewalk to chat with who make you feel good. ENJOY! You don't get a second chance. Tell me you love me, go after, hug, show me how you feel.

Did you ever think that maybe the two are afraid not to be matched? Will goof up until when?

Don't be afraid to LIVE.